Techvision attended Infocomm USA 2023

Techvision attended Infocomm USA 2023

The International Audiovisual Technology and System Integration Exhibition, InfoComm 2023 was grandly held in Orlando, USA from June 14th to 16th. This exhibition brought together leading technologies, solutions, and high-end products from the audiovisual industry, attracting numerous professional audiovisual integration enthusiasts and technology companies around the world to visit and exhibit.

During the exhibition, Techvision focused on showcasing to customers an audio and video integrated machine in the form of a Soundbar: It has a 120° wide-angle 4K camera that captures all-encompassing panoramic views; Equipped with voice interaction technology, far-field pickup, and noise reduction technology, accurately locating speakers on-site, providing a more authentic video conferencing experience.

In the exhibition area, the company team creates interactive meeting scenes for on-site audiences. Multiple terminal devices are displayed in real-time on the screen, and remote online meetings are also held to give participants more realistic field experiences. In addition to the audio and video all-in-one machine, Techvision has also launched a variety of products such as large-screen desktop video conferencing all-in-one machines, video conferencing codecs, and network live broadcast all-in-one machines, providing users with a comprehensive video conference solution from front-end to back-end.

As a professional provider of video conferencing solutions, Techvision is committed to providing excellent visual products and solutions for the industry and global users, creating efficient working environments. Techvision will also actively grasp market trends, increase product technology research and development, constantly innovate products and solutions, achieve efficient communication for global customers and help the industry market develop rapidly.

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