Techvision Attened InfComm China 2023

Techvision Attened InfComm China 2023

From July 19 to 21, Beijing time, Techvision participated in InfoComm China 2023 held in Beijing National Convention Center with Video conference series solutions. InfoComm is an annual event of professional audio-visual and communication technology that has attracted much attention in the industry.

Techvision highlighted the HD conference camera solution based on Rochchip RV1126 Processor design design. The product integrates 4K display, Microphone array and high-efficiency speaker, and can be compatible with a variety of operating systems and conference software. With the multi Microphone array pickup technology and voice interactive noise reduction technology, it can achieve all-round reception, accurately locate speakers, ensure barrier free communication at both ends of the meeting, and easily meet the meeting needs of users at home and abroad.

Techvision also showcased a series of video conference codecs and all-in-one machine solutions based on the Rochchip high-performance processor RK3588. These products integrate precise algorithms and video encoding and decoding performance, bringing better performance to various AI application scenarios. Through advanced technologies such as multi camera splicing technology and multi content display function support, the clear and stable presentation of audio and video quality is ensured, providing users with a richer and more convenient interactive experience.

Techvision has always been committed to providing industry-leading video conferencing solutions. By combining advanced hardware and software technologies, we create an excellent conference experience for users, and provide more intelligent, efficient, and convenient products and solutions for various industries, jointly creating a smart future.

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