High-end products showcased at the BETT 2023

High-end products showcased at the BETT 2023

From March 29th to 31st, one of the world's most important ICT (Education Information Technology) exhibitions, BETT UK Education Equipment Exhibition, was held at the London International Convention Center.


As a provider of educational equipment solutions, Techvision participated in BETT with its LincPlus branded product series, showcasing a range of solutions from eye-protection tablets, intelligent desk lamps, to smart recording devices, meeting various scenarios for both online and offline requirements, and comprehensively enhancing both student learning and teacher teaching efficiency.


The education tablet, with its lightweight and portable body, caught the attention of viewers. It has a high-definition display of up to 2.5K and a eye-protection screen, reducing the pressure on the eyes of young users. It also supports a stylus pen and detachable magnetic keyboard for input through a touch screen, handwriting and an external keyboard; providing a paper-like experience and efficient interaction.


The AI intelligent desk lamp, which was also highly anticipated, can intelligently adjust lighting for users of different age groups, accurately identifying weak areas through powerful AI algorithms, quickly improve student learning performance and mastery of the content, achieve twice the results with half the effort and empower education with technology to achieve modern education.


BETT is the world’s largest and most influential education equipment exhibition targeting the education industry. The exhibition showcased the latest achievements in education modernization and technological advancements, providing schools and educational organizations with the latest education technology trends. Techvision was showcased alongside other international manufacturers, highlighting the company's international positioning. In addition to product exhibitions, Techvision's staff also interacted with visitors from different countries and regions, learning about international industry trends, gathering insights for the development of new products and expanding global markets.


With the deepening of the development stage of education informationization, the requirements for education equipment companies will become increasingly rigorous. Regardless of how times change, Techvision will always focus on user-centered product research and development and design. It will continuously innovate and upgrade as the industry advances, providing higher-value products and solutions for the education equipment market.

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