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2017 - 12 - 23
The “Elexcon2017 & Embedded Expo” ended on December 23 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center , There were lots of people and high-tech products at the show ,which is a feast to science and technology.It’s more pleasure that with your support we have won the "Elexcon2017 In-Tech Award" after nearly ten days of canvassing, only ten companies won the honor on the show and it’s awarded by the CEO of the conference organizers , which has proven Techvision had broad attention and recognition in the industry once ...
2017 - 12 - 28
On December 14, Techvision was invited to participate in the Intel new retailing technology exchange meeting held in Xiamen, the two-day seminar ended today, on the conference, Intel and participating companies made a deep discussion about the "New retailing" on the basis of their own understanding. Everyone analyzes the retail industry from all aspects since its generation to present , and came to a conclusion of the characteristics of the "new retail retail - 3.0", listed the present new retail case planning, deeply explored the new business model combines Inter...
2017 - 10 - 19
Global sources mobile electronics opened at Asia world-expo in Hong Kong  yesterday (October 18), There are a variety of high-tech mobile electronic products, and 2700 booths, showed the booming trend of mobile electronics industry. the exhibition site thronged, Techvision shows our new products with professional attitude and excellent technology , which has been widely recognized and encouraged.Yesterday, Techvision was pleased inviting three important company representative of Microsoft ,Peter Han , Paul Donavan, Cindy Wu, to visit our booth,...
2017 - 08 - 04
2017年8月3日,微软举办的以 "BUILDING THE POSSIBLE· 创造无限可能”为主题的答谢晚宴在益田威斯汀酒店展开。宴会上慧为获得微软“2017年度CTE合作伙伴及2017年度最佳ODM”双项荣誉奖,其中,“2017年度最佳ODM”是微软CTE所有ODM厂商里慧为独有的奖项,获奖词是产品设计优秀,品质优良,这是对慧为过去一年取得的优秀成绩的肯定和鼓励,也表明了慧为在方案设计及制造高品质产品方面具有优秀卓越的能力。2017年度,慧为与微软携手推出2in1 tablet-TVE1107P及TVE1201P等基于最新Windows10系统新特性的系列产品,其中TVE1107P成为微软Hero Modle产品,支持Windows Hello,新型生物特征授权方式,通过使用人脸、虹膜或指纹等生物特征来解锁设备,这种技术比传统密码更加安全;支持Ink,新的手写笔驱动力,接近实际的智能手写体验,支持Touch,支持开发面向多个触控点的应用程序。    慧为致力于全面了解产品,深入开发产品的使用功能,提供最优秀的行业解决方案,未来慧为与微软将继续秉持合作共赢的理念,在行业领域开发更有创新性,更优秀的产品解决方案,创造无限可能。
2017 - 06 - 20
Recently, TVI3001U, the 3.5 inches ARM embedded single board computer, which is devised and produced by Techvision, have passed Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT, It means the research and development ability and earnest  attitude of our company have been proved again. Being Microsoft Azure Certified,  the credibility, Differentiation of the product will be increased, and have more opportunity to be seen by potential customers. In a word, we get a broader market and more resources for the spread and sale of the product.
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